Like Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, Pa11y is an accessibility tester’s BFF. You already have a million issues on your plate, so how do you find a way to get started on accessibility testing? Pa11y to the rescue! Pa11y is a lightweight JS a11y testing tool with some serious “it” factor. This talk will explain what pa11y does and does not cover, review examples of both command line and scripted usage, dive into the pa11y web service and show how to best accessorize a Pa11y setup with your current testing process. Bonus content: how to convince the rest of your team and business why accessibility is totally worth prioritizing and how getting started with low-hanging fruit can vastly glamorize your product. Now you can take on creating a more accessible product like S & B take on the Upper East Side. XOXO Accessibility Girl ?


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Darren Wright at 11:07 on 3 May 2019

Great talk and intro to Pa11y, good examples, and lively presenter.

Eric Poe at 11:07 on 3 May 2019

Awesome talk, energetic speaker. I have used a GUI version of Pa11y before and seeing the JS features of Pa11y makes me want to use it instead!

Kendra Jones at 11:08 on 3 May 2019

Great presentation on what seems to be a great tool. Speaker was lively, but sometimes spoke a bit fast.

Erik Espana at 11:14 on 3 May 2019

Jen was definitely not a "dumpster fire." Great introduction to bootstrapping accessibility reporting using Pa11y.

Chris Holland at 12:46 on 3 May 2019

outstanding talk, super informative, chock-full of things I can use right now.

Steve Grunwell at 13:31 on 3 May 2019

Jennifer is a fantastic speaker, and she does a great job making a case for regular, automated accessibility testing (with bonus advice on how to push the ideas on leadership). I hadn't worked with Pa11y before, but it's certainly going to become a mainstay in my CI pipeline.

Ben Chrisman at 14:10 on 3 May 2019

Very engaging, fast-paced talk. Maybe just a bit too fast?

Kai-Lea Wu at 10:13 on 4 May 2019

Great talk and demonstrate the Pa11y tool. The talking speed is a bit too fast to me.

David Trower at 15:25 on 4 May 2019

I enjoyed learning what Pa11y is and how to incorporate it into your testing pipeline to easily catch low hanging fruit that is easy to correct as well as discovering additional changes that will enhance your product. The presenter was very knowledgable and able to keep your attention with her lively personality. My one comment: the W3C has a new recommendation that supersedes WCAG 2.0 that became a recommendation back in June of 2018 called WCAG 2.1.