The only thing in this universe denser than a black hole is the average node_modules folder and boy, is all this webpack nonsense complicated! Hi, I’m a recovering PHP developer buried deep in the Javascript frontend world so I know the questions you’re asking: why is this so complicated? Why do I need so many tools, better known as “tens of megabytes of npm packages”? Why webpack and babel?

Together we’ll take a journey down the demands of a modern frontend application, the limitations still imposed by modern browsers, and what YOU can do to improve frontend performance. From learning about repaints, reflows, to network connection limitations and bundle splitting all the way to preloads, prefetches, and even preconnects, you will walk away with both action items to improve your apps TODAY as well as a deeper understanding why the JS ecosystem has evolved the way it has and what your fashionable and beautifully intelligent frontend engineers are even doing all day.


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Eric Poe at 11:58 on 3 May 2019

Great introduction to frontend performance improvement. Dan has a great stage performance. I'm looking forward to reading the bibliography that he provided.

Erik Espana at 12:06 on 3 May 2019

Very thorough front-end improvement checklist. Daniel will share his slides later on twitter

Daniel Cousineau (Speaker) at 12:43 on 3 May 2019

Thanks for the compliments! I've updated the slides on this entry above, thanks!

Steve Grunwell at 13:33 on 3 May 2019

A really great primer on front-end performance testing — attendees may not leave with specific action items, but they'll have a much better understanding of where they should be paying attention as they start profiling their own applications.

Kendra Jones at 13:34 on 3 May 2019

Love that he provided a checklist rather than a guide.

Pat Ramsey at 15:35 on 3 May 2019

The only negative on this would be the time for the talk. Could have easily been a longer talk and still be helpful and informative. The speaker recognized this and made great use of the time. He had lots of links to deeper dives on the materials, so these slides will be very important to take and dig into afterwards.

Philip at 19:37 on 3 May 2019

lots of good info

Daniel Kadosh at 13:10 on 4 May 2019

Excellent speaker, covered the basics and I learned a few other tidbits I hadn't thought about.

Josh Holmes at 13:39 on 4 May 2019

Great talk by a great presenter. Would love to see the hour long version of this talk...

Found the information to be very useful. Thank you!