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Marion Sartor at 17:10 on 20 Oct 2021

Kudos to the organizers of Longhorn PHP Conference 2021. This was a well put-together conference. Great speakers, a convenient venue, good food, and smart, fun speakers and attendees.

I was asked my opinion about the venue and at the time did not give a complete answer. It was obvious that the hotel is an older hotel and not as "elegant" as some other hotels, but I was not displeased. The room was comfortable and clean and the conference rooms were fine. It was very nice to have the conference in the hotel where (most) speakers and attendees were staying. It was close to the airport and the elevators were fast. I would stay there again for another conference.

Dana Luther at 11:03 on 17 Oct 2021

Everything was wonderful. So good to see everyone in person. The event ran smoothly and all of the coordinators and volunteers were incredibly positive and dedicated. The sessions covered a good range of concepts and were all well done. I greatly appreciate all the work that went into making this a success and the sponsors who made it possible.