The latest statistics from Composer and Packagist say you're all eagerly adopting the (almost) latest releases of PHP. In fact, about half of you are probably on 7.4, and that's good enough, right? Wrong. Come dig through the basket full of new features in 8.0, what's about to be released with 8.1, and if you part of the unlucky 40% on something older than 7.4 you're in for a treat because we'll cover that too! See what you're missing in the latest that PHP has to offer.


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What an egaging, exciting, delightful fun, informative, and extremely wonky dive into the guts of PHP 8, with some excellent looks back on php5 and 7 as well. I learned about stuff in PHP 7 that I didn’t even know about! My absolute favorite in the conference so far.

Chris Holland at 16:43 on 15 Oct 2021

Great talk as always! Got me excited about 8.0 and 8.1 features !!!

Great talk! Loved the historical overview of PHP 7, the statistics in PHP version usage, and the overview of the new features in PHP 8.

I always love learning what's on the horizon and why and Sara did a phenomenal job getting us hyped. Also apropos on the call to let our voices be heard and show up.

Jim Wigginton at 12:22 on 16 Oct 2021

I love hearing about the internals angle of things. Like anyone can read the changelog but to hear about the perspectives and insights of a core dev is cool

Josh Butts at 13:33 on 16 Oct 2021

Detailed and “insider” content from Sarah as usual.