Explore effective methods to identify & avoid the most common and devastating security pitfalls in Web Applications.

When it comes to an enterprise’s exposure to security vulnerabilities, one could easily argue that its web presence is by far its greatest threat. There are many ways to build vulnerable applications and a few effective ways to "build them right". We’ll instrument you to stay on right side of this equation.


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Wasn't practical enough

This was a massive, massive amount of high-density content condensed down into a one-hour talk. I loved the presenter's advice to download the slides and click through on the various resource URL's that he presented. That allowed him to quickly go through a wide swath of security issues without getting bogged down, allowing the viewer to dig in as necessary. Considering how broad of an issue web security is, I feel that's the only way to address the topic in breadth.

This talk was great. Trying to cover such a broad topic such as application security in an hour is a huge undertaking, especially with a wide range of audience member experience. Chris did a great job explaining complex concepts in a way even a beginner could understand, without leaving out the technical details and mitigations/remediations that an intermediate can take action on. His slides provide a treasure trove of information for later use, and i hope every attendee takes the time to go through the links he included. He’s a fun and relaxed speaker, and I look forward to future talks from him.