New accessibility guidelines just dropped - are you ready for them? Consistency is the name of the game in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’ latest release, so learn how you can avoid rocking the boat. We’ll take a minute to refresh what the WCAG guidelines are and who has to follow them, and then we’ll dive deep into the latest changes.


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Awesome talk, very good examples and very familiar with the topic. Thank you

Joseph Lavin at 17:51 on 3 Nov 2023

Great job distilling down those complex standards. Great Q&A afterwords. I know this talk was on "Whats new" but going over some of the common current specs would have been nice. I also would have appreciated some more examples that were interactive in browser.

Wun Chiou at 17:52 on 3 Nov 2023

Good informative and important topic. I liked the specific examples given and that there was enough time for questions after the talk.

Ariane Dupaix at 10:12 on 4 Nov 2023

Excellent review of updates to the standards. A great note to always strive for more improvements to accessibility.