By the end of the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of how to set up a robust pre-commit workflow using Make, PHPStan, PHPCS, and PHPMD. This will help them catch potential issues before they are committed, ensuring a higher code quality and reducing the number of bugs and issues in the later stages of development.


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Thanks for the talk! I've heard people say they use make with their PHP development and it wasn't until now that it finally clicked.

Joseph Thayne at 09:19 on 3 Nov 2023

Really enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity for discussion at the end. It might have been helpful to have links to resources on learning make or some documentation on the structure. It was beautifully presented, fun, and generally useful. I appreciate the advice at the end, and will be working to implement the changes going forward.

Ben Batschelet at 15:04 on 3 Nov 2023

Really good content and topic. I think some of your slides were a little text dense and could be summarized further. Just show the bullet points and then say the details out loud.

Nick A at 19:57 on 3 Nov 2023

This was a casual but informative presentation. I really liked the live coding and audience interaction. It was also cool to have some repos that made it easy to kick around a variety of tools. The allocated time was quite a bit longer than the presentation itself, but Aaron delivered some great information

Great talk, make files are super cool and this is such a practical way to use them. It’s always nice to code along and have the examples work, thanks for walking us through it.