In this soft-skills talk, I'm going to share the experience and knowledge gained in my journey from newbie to leader of a worldwide distributed team. I'll talk about ways to setup your schedule, keep tabs on projects, keep developers engaged, and most of all; your boss or clients happy. We will talk about strategies and tactics for handling issues within your team and identifying them before they even become a problem. Most importantly, I'll cover ways to scale and structure your team(s) and processes for all of them to work together in a productive manner. I've been running a freelance software development shop for over a decade. I've also assembled both local and remote teams many times over in companies of all sizes in my 20 years of software development as CTO and Lead Dev. I want to share my experience with you all in this tell-all talk. I was remote before the pandemic so I've been doing this before it was cool. ? We will cover industry treads, resources, and other things you can do to improve your remote teams processes. I invite both developers and managers to join this one as I'm sure you'll have some take-aways to bring back to your company.


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I think the content is really good. The only downside is you spent the entire talk looking at the projector screen and you never looked at the group. That, and you had a QR code with a link to the slides which you said we could get at the beginning of the talk, but you gave us less than 2 seconds to scan it, so I missed my chance.

Ben Batschelet at 16:14 on 4 Nov 2023

Could use a little more dynamism and engagement with the audience during the presetnation

Good talk about working remote. Was given from the perspective of a developer manager on what works and helps with helping teams be productive. Information was useful and helpful. Slides were good and clean. Suggestion to link slides before the talk, and face the audience and laptop on the podium instead of the projector screen to improve audience engagement.

Greg Fox at 16:20 on 4 Nov 2023

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Tadeh Hakopian at 16:40 on 4 Nov 2023

Team collaboration is an overlooked topic so I'm glad I got a chance to attend this insightful and useful talk on managing remote teams

Nick A at 16:40 on 4 Nov 2023

There was good information here on things to consider when building a team. However, since there were a lot of points, it felt like a lot of broad strokes were made about everything mentioned and little being about remote teamwork specifically

It would have been great to hear specific examples of where things were tried and succeeded or failed with managing remote teams. For example, were any specific decisions made about hiring an outsourced team? Did they integrate easily into the company? Did that ever change? Did someone on the team become more or less responsive/productive after moving to remote? Any frustrations or successes between members after moving remote? That kind of thing would have illustrated the problems, benefits, and solutions better, I think

The Q&A session was a lot of fun though. There was a lot of insightful questions and comments from the audience afterwards (and also, the consensus is out: unlimited PTO is a scam!)

A minor aside: there were a couple of misspellings in the slides, namely "trial" and "quiet"

I went into this presentation thinking it would be something else. I think the description doesn't line up with the content.

Joseph Thayne at 16:51 on 4 Nov 2023

Great information and ideas. Enjoyed the discussion and sharing of ideas at the end as well.