In this soft-skills talk, I'm going to share the experience and knowledge gained in my journey from newbie to leader of a worldwide distributed team. I'll talk about ways to setup your schedule, keep tabs on projects, keep developers engaged, and most of all; your boss or clients happy. We will talk about strategies and tactics for handling issues within your team and identifying them before they even become a problem. Most importantly, I'll cover ways to scale and structure your team(s) and processes for all of them to work together in a productive manner. I've been running a freelance software development shop for over a decade. I've also assembled both local and remote teams many times over in companies of all sizes in my 20 years of software development as CTO and Lead Dev. I want to share my experience with you all in this tell-all talk. I was remote before the pandemic so I've been doing this before it was cool. ? We will cover industry treads, resources, and other things you can do to improve your remote teams processes. I invite both developers and managers to join this one as I'm sure you'll have some take-aways to bring back to your company.


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