Why did the choreographer refuse to use orchestration in their distributed system? Because they wanted their components to dance to their own beat, without a central conductor! This talk explores the differences between choreography and orchestration in software development for distributed systems. Choreography involves the independent coordination of software components through message passing, while orchestration involves a central orchestrator managing the interactions between components. Through examples such as e-commerce and travel booking systems, the strengths and weaknesses of each approach are highlighted. By understanding the pros and cons of each approach, software developers can make informed decisions about which approach to use for their specific use case, ultimately finding harmony in their distributed systems.


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Love the metaphor, made it very easy to comprehend. My only request would be, as someone who’s not well-versed in distributed systems, is where I could go for next steps!

Kai H at 15:01 on 3 Nov 2023

Big fan of seeing the interplay between two current philosophies of development and software management. Concise, well-argued, approachable.

Steve Grunwell at 15:04 on 3 Nov 2023

It’s a bummer that Rain injured themself, as I imagine the dance would have really tied the talk together.

As far as content, I really loved the analogies, but the talk may have benefited from some concrete examples early-on to give the audience a place to anchor.

Greg Fox at 15:05 on 3 Nov 2023

Clear and concise, thank you!

Wun Chiou at 15:08 on 3 Nov 2023

Good information about the difference between choreography and orchestration. Sad I missed some dancing, but hope your knee heals fast!

The talk was good. Sorry about the injured knee! Good clarifying the difference between choreography vs orchestration. Would have liked some more technical examples and details to delve deeper into the subject. Rain presented well and made the talk entertaining.

Thanks for the talk it was a nice overview.

Ben Batschelet at 09:02 on 4 Nov 2023

Great visual metaphors and a really fun way of thinking about the different strategies for building distributed systems.

Larry Garfield at 10:15 on 4 Nov 2023

God concept and breakdown of the concepts, but needed a lot more concrete examples to really make it usable. That was mostly done verbally and in QA, which is less effective.

Peter Meth at 14:33 on 4 Nov 2023

This talk was kind of confusing and assumed we already knew the differences between orchestration and choreography. I did not leave the talk with a form understanding. Perhaps some more visual examples.would have helped.

James Titcumb at 13:07 on 7 Nov 2023

A nice metaphor for a comparison, I'd like to have seen more concrete examples though. Great talk