Aspects of development work like accessibility are often treated by product teams as legal obligations, boxes to be checked off the list. As we widen the scope to the broader organization, we can see this mindset being applied to other areas, like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or dealing with remote workers. At best, it’s seen as one person’s job to take care of, and everyone else can wash their hands of it. Even AI is seen as disruptive to “some” people, or useful to only a select few.

But people is a collective noun for a group of persons, and each person is different. We’ll explore the concept of universal design, how it applies to all of these fields, and how it will actually increase your potential audience and can have a (positive) material impact on your bottom line. These are concepts and concrete ideas that absolutely all persons can employ, from the CEO to their executive assistant, to the comptroller to the most senior dev, and everyone else in between.


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Thank you for the talk. It gave me a lot to think about.