Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You


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Wonderful, useful talk. Very clear with concise examples. Explaining the pros/cons of each type of Dependency Injection was very helpful; consider summarizing them on the slides.

Also consider spending more time up front explaining **why** Dependency Injection is necessary, perhaps by showing anti-pattern examples and explaining what specific pain points they cause for developers.

I really liked that you brought back OrderProcessor at the end as a before/after comparison.

Anonymous at 11:21 on 13 Sep 2014

The speech was structured well, needed more code examples earlier on to involve the audience sooner.
Overall was a good speech and very helpful.

Very logical organization of the topic: why people should care, how they could do, then how they could do it even more easily. Bonus points for using Aura\DI.

Anonymous at 11:21 on 13 Sep 2014

Learned a lot. Great examples that are easy to understand.

I'll need to go through my code and see what I can fix!

Jeff's talk clarified a lot of questions I've had about using dependency injection within a project, and he covered some other concepts I'd heard about (dependency inversion, dependency injection container, service locator) but haven't yet had the opportunity to explore in my day-to-day work. His code examples were enlightening and very helpful in illustrating the concepts. I have a fond appreciation for presenters who take the time to walk through a refactoring example to illustrate how to get to the desired result, and this presentation handled that very well. Great talk.

Anonymous at 11:26 on 13 Sep 2014

Interesting talk. Gave a nice overview of the concept. I would have liked to have heard more about why I shouldn't use a service locator, and how dependency injection would benefit unit testing.

Great talk, explaining the concept of DI in a framework agnostic way.
Being really an introduction to the concept, i think some things that seem obvious for people used to DI should be explicitly explained. (Testing, delaying instantiation of objects to when they are actually needed.)

Excellent talk on the different types of dependency injection, how to do it, and tips on managing it. Examples were clear and explained the problems and solutions clearly.

You presented well. I liked the use of Fizz Buzz in your examples.

I think what you covered might work better in a shorter (lighting) talk, or it could be improved maybe by broadening it a bit more, talking about other related design patterns, strategy pattern, service locator, etc.

I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Anonymous at 08:26 on 15 Sep 2014

Excellent presentation

Anonymous at 08:37 on 15 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 08:51 on 15 Sep 2014

I wish I could offer some constructive comments, but I thought it was perfect. Well-presented information about various DI-related topics with a concise description/demonstration(i.e., code examples) of the differences. Thanks Jeff!

Anonymous at 13:41 on 22 Sep 2014

Great presentation. Coming into this presentation I understood DI but the concept of a DI container always escaped my understanding. This presentation made the concept of a container much clearer to me. Thanks!!