Talk comments

Very good insights into open-source in general and what it takes to maintain or contribute to an open-source project. I really liked that you made some very good research, including asking well-know open-source contributors in the area. You could maybe refactor the part about "issues" to give it a more positive spin - e.g. calling it "challenges" would be a good start, albeit cheesy (I'm sure you can find an even better idea).

You hit the ground running! I think you're a natural speaker. The talk went about as smooth as it gets, and you were able to engage and entertain.

Some of the code was small to see (granted, the image was on a screen instead of a beamer) - in the future you could break the code down into multiple slides in order to be able to show bigger excerpts, one at a time. Small detail though. I encourage you to consider doing this more often!

Very interesting talk!