Talk comments

Ike Devolder at 20:34 on 4 Oct 2017

Nice to see Magento is doing so well in this area. The annecdote was great to see how we can break through our biasses we might have built over time. And nice to be encouraged to be better at being inclusive by not judging on looks, gender, ...

Ike Devolder at 20:28 on 4 Oct 2017

Quick and proper overview of varnish and how to use it. Simple explained so people can grasp the concept and get a proper idea how to get started writing VCL. And ofcourse the main takeway, do http correctly so you won't need to write crazy VCL

Ike Devolder at 20:25 on 4 Oct 2017

Very nice that the main content of the presentation could be squeezed in this small timeslot. All main features of how to properly use git were there. People had a laugh but will probably properly remember the stuff about bad commits and proper commits because of it.

Ike Devolder at 20:23 on 4 Oct 2017

Nicely structured and properly explained how we can do Magneto2 frontend development. I think the nicest takeaway was how to debug and speed up your development with the tools shown during the presentation.

Ike Devolder at 20:21 on 4 Oct 2017

Nice overview of how openshift can be used for magento2 hosting. Also properly shown what the benefits are of using openshift over bare kubernetes. Interesting to hear that the shared data can be performant when properly configured.

The only downside might have been the display of openshift. I ofcourse don't know if it was not possible to display an openshift setup with magento due to company policy or something.

Ike Devolder at 20:18 on 4 Oct 2017

Nice to see what magereport does and where it needs some help from the community. Also properly shown what the future vulnerabilities might look like.

Ike Devolder at 20:16 on 4 Oct 2017

Nice overview of the PHP best practices to be employed in Magento2 development.

Sad the mic was not offered by default.