Talk comments

Even though the talk didn't bring anything new for me, it was very enjoyable! It was fun to see where we're coming from and where we're going.

I liked the humor in the talk, it adds a lot.

I know this was the first time the talk was given, but Jachim at times felt a little ill prepared, searching for words at moments.

Liked the talk a lot, but maybe it should have a title that more clearly shows it's an introduction to Docker. I felt like it took a question from the audience at the end of the talk to explain how you would use Docker in the concept of a Phoenix server. Up until then, it was not clear to me that you still had to deploy Docker on the remote machine using Puppet/Chef/Ansible...

Really liked the talk. Well presented and prepared. The only thing I was missing was a real life example of the deploy bit. Would have loved to see how with a one click action the server could have been provisioned through a central docker repository with lets say a PHP5.5 container and then reverted back to PHP 5.4 with a click of the button / 1 typed command such as "cap production deploy". Now we still needed actions as going into the vagrant box and performing several commands. I would love to have seen everything from outside the vagrant box.
Nonetheless a very interesting talk and it certainly peaked my interest.

Very interesting talk to (re)learn the evolution of the DAL. The examples were very informative for those that should not get the concept.
Overal good talk!

I had seen the different version of this talk for the Docker meetup #1 and I can honestly say it was much better, but of course due to the nature of the talk less in depth.
That does not mean the first one was bad, definitely not as it was the first time you were giving it.
Good talk overall!