Developers and Depression


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Anne Bonham at 18:15 on 19 Mar 2016

Wasn't able to attend in person, but listened to recording. Thanks for talking about this difficult and important topic!

Greg is a magical speaker. His presentation skills alone were incredible, with me often thinking, "how is he doing that" changing slides and video without ever breaking eye contact with the audience. He told a story many of us can relate to, and explored what it is about our profession attracts folks with different mental illnesses. Two things I would like to see him explore more. 1. some warning signs managers can look for and how they can help effectively and 2. encourage sufferers to explore different strategies (including meds, therapy, movement, stress management, social interaction, etc.) and to realize the first med they take might not work, so keep trying. Everyone is different, but we have more in common than we think sometimes.

Anonymous at 13:34 on 21 Mar 2016

Nicki Snoblin at 20:49 on 21 Mar 2016

I believe it's important to talk openly about mental health in as many contexts as possible. Greg was honest and matter-of-fact about his experiences. He's a tremendous success story, and so are all the other people in the room who suffer from depression and other illnesses yet are finding ways to pursue their careers and live their lives.