Midcamp Session


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Tessa Kriesel at 13:07 on 3 Apr 2017

I appreciated the intro-level content on Drupal. Content coverage was easy to consume and understand. I wish I could have been able to hear all of the content, but I know time did not allow for that.

Randy Moore at 14:14 on 3 Apr 2017

Very basic intro that needed more time to go over the basics. I would have loved to seen some live examples rather than still images of parts in Drupal.

I really liked the way he stepped you thru the application from the very beginning, building on each topic. Very well organized information made it easier to understand how everything fit together and the relationships between the elements that make up Drupal. I too wish we could have had time to go thru the entire presentation. I hope it will be posted so I can follow it thru to the end. Good Presentation!