Have you felt lost in the Views interface, unsure of what it can do for you? Or have you heard about this great module, but want to know more? This session carries no expectations, and don’t worry, no coding is involved, nor is any knowledge of SQL either.

Views provides a wonderful, but sometimes tricky interface to output and organize listings of your content in infinitely imaginable ways. We’ll step the the critical parts of the interface including:

Field outputs
Contextual Filters (that sounds fancy)
Different styles to display your listings
Other useful interface elements
The session will also provide realistic examples and how these interface elements are combined to create them. We’ll also discover some of the many extensions for Views to really create impressive outputs. This session is targeted for Drupal 8.

This session is intended for beginners with little to no knowledge of Drupal itself.


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Randy Moore at 14:23 on 3 Apr 2017

Nice explanations for beginner Views users. The content was clear but wished Chris would talk a little louder as sometimes his voice was hard to hear - I was in the third row (but opposite where Chris was standing).