Building Great APIs


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A great overview of the considerations when building an API. Useful code snippets explaining the various levels of simplicity, the beginnings of implementation, and when it is time to move to the next level.

Jacob Roufa at 10:47 on 4 Mar 2016

This talk communicated a breadth of knowledge like no other talk on RESTful APIs that I've ever seen. This goes well beyond creating endpoints that make use of HTTP, towards the final goal of building evolvable, relevant APIs.

Woody Gilk at 11:02 on 4 Mar 2016

Super useful tips and suggestions for how to build better APIs. Very clear presentation!

Fantastic look at building RESTful APIs that can evolve over time as application requires evolve. Great organization of the presentation based on the level of the API, building and improving upon the previous level.

M at 11:38 on 4 Mar 2016

Lots of pragmatic advice presented clearly and confidently, and in a fantastic (and properly attributed!) slide deck to boot. This talk should give someone new(er) to API development/design with a solid list of topics to research further and some good arguments for why certain practices might (or might not) be the right choices for their problem. Good job.

A great talk, considering the time constraint. I would've liked some more practical examples, but maybe that would be a workshop and not a talk. Still, Ben wasted no time, delivers like a pro, and handled questions gracefully. I liked that he didn't fixate on a particular standard (e.g. JSONAPI or HAL), but stuck to presenting the concepts.

Bill Condo at 15:28 on 4 Mar 2016

Full of good information.

Chris Beck at 15:39 on 4 Mar 2016

Excelent delivery.

Brando Braner at 16:02 on 4 Mar 2016

I haven't built apis yet in my career but amazing information delievered in a relatable way.

Mike Baynton at 18:22 on 4 Mar 2016

I've consumed plenty of APIs that exist through about your "level 2". That gave me a general sense for the things you were talking about, but the notes I took during your session will be a much more direct & useful resource should I find myself needing to create my own API.

The DI-related code examples in PHP invite a host of opinions folks may have, and it sounded like some people may have gotten a little distracted / off track from your message by their inclusion.

Mike Baynton at 18:45 on 4 Mar 2016

Whoops, sorry, conflated a few talks there with the DI code.

This was pretty interesting, the one improvement I would make would be talking more about the downsides / gritty parts of each of the suggested changes. I can see some potential trade-offs that I feel were glossed over a bit. Overall very good presentation, though.

Michael Ferrin at 07:54 on 5 Mar 2016

This talk has definitely got me thinking and got me wanting to do more research into the subject.

Steve Meyers at 00:41 on 6 Mar 2016

Good explanation of the various types of APIs, and their advantages and disadvantages, along with how you can elevate your APIs.

Eli E Vargas at 11:34 on 7 Mar 2016

Useful tips and suggestions for how to build better APIs. Very clear presentation!

This was a great session that walked through scaling APIs through the various stages of maturity. A very helpful perspective. Thank you!