Polyglot Persistence - using the best DB for the job


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Woody Gilk at 10:48 on 5 Mar 2016

Put a lot of emphasis on how to move from anything else to graph, and specifically to neo4j. The whole bit about Docker didn't seem relevant to the presentation at all. Examples throughout didn't feel congruent with each other. Some were about university data, some where shop data... sticking with a single type of data would make the examples clearer.

Would have enjoyed more exploration of different types of database in each category... mysql vs postgres, mongo vs couchdb, etc. Also would like to know more about how to shard the various types of databases, which was only touched on during QA period.

PS: The description of the talk on the joindin page has messed up formatting.

While the talk title should've been "SQL bad. Graph good! Document and KVs too!" nevertheless I loved the balance of high level concepts and code samples. I'd give this 5 stars, but the presentation was a bit dry and the docker part was a distraction.