The Command Line should be a developer's best friend, but many times it sits there, sad and lonely as we use to call other programs. Behind that unassuming little blinking cursor is an entire world of productivity, just waiting to be strung together. There is even an entire scripting language hidden underneath that is just waiting for you to use it! Let's investigate BASH, the shell that's syntax is universal across almost all systems (and find out why your Linux scripts do not always work on OSX).


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Phil Dowson at 10:46 on 9 Mar 2018

Awesome talk, even for someone with someone like me who has had several long years of bash experience

Brian Fenton at 10:48 on 9 Mar 2018

Pretty good intro/tutorial on using bash. Smart quotes in code samples always bugs me though. I like the historical references as well

Thanks for the talk you really jammed a lot of information into 45 minutes and it was all helpful.

Mike Baynton at 11:04 on 9 Mar 2018

Well organized and well paced. Good mix of showing fundamental concepts and calling out gotchas and idiosyncrasies. I feel like I left having made a more useful bash cheatsheet than other resources I've gone to before like O'Reilly's Bash pocket reference.

One pedantic accuracy thing, I don't think /bin/sh points to the bourne shell on many distros anymore. On Debian and derivatives it's dash, on CentOS 7 it's bash.

excellent refresher on command line bash!

Understandable for those without BASH experience - thanks!

Great intro to using bash for those familiar with PHP. I've written several simple bash scripts, but still learned quite a few things that I was not aware of before. I'll feel much more confident the next time I need to write a bash script.

This talk was awesome! I've dabbled with Bash for years, but I've had a number of nagging questions and gaps in my knowledge. Chris hit on all those notes almost as if he could read my mind. Immediately after the talk I sat down and wrote down all the things that had crystalized for me and tired them in my terminal. On top of that, Tankersley is a great speaker, humors, engaging, and well paced. Highly recommend.