"Community" is a term often bandied about in tech circles, but what does it mean? Where is this community? What is Community's hit point max, magic rating, and XP to next level? Does it have special abilities? How can individuals best connect with, contribute to, and benefit from the greater technical community? And also what is the end goal? So many questions! I don't have all of the answers but I may have a few, so join us and let's share some community skillz.


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Tessa Kriesel at 09:24 on 9 Mar 2018

I love your honesty and passion around community in tech. Thank you so much for sharing your story and allowing all of us to be a part of it.

Dynamic, energetic speaker who still spoke at an understandable speed. Her topic was relevant no matter how skilled they are already at relationships. Thank you!

Kim Wilson at 09:36 on 9 Mar 2018

Thanks for your energy this morning...love the Pac Man rule.

Brent Mitchell at 09:38 on 9 Mar 2018

Great talk to off the conference.

Jessica Zehavi at 09:47 on 9 Mar 2018

Such a great talk to open the conference! I love your relatable way of laying down information and energetic delivery! You gave tons of awesome examples for how to be involved in the tech community at all kinds of levels! Loved it.

Awesome talk! Keep it up!!!

Adia Alderson at 09:54 on 9 Mar 2018

It was really good and engaging!

Riley Major at 09:55 on 9 Mar 2018

Full of energy and positive vibes, @dead_lugosi extols the benefits of communities and reminds us that they require effort to build and maintain. She provides personal anecdotes and actionable advice to form and grow your connections. She also encourages inclusivity and warns against toxicity. Having this as a keynote sets the right tone for the conference.

Dave Buchanan at 09:56 on 9 Mar 2018

Very well thought out, clearly presented. Great stories and inspirational. On top of good content, presenter had good pacing and entertaining slides. Thanks!

I really liked this talk and all the GIFs. I went into not really sure about it but I found it really interesting.

One point of constructive feedback. I found the slide about Understanding Trust with the little guys confusing because I got lost on the rules.

Alex Barrett at 10:06 on 9 Mar 2018

Margaret was enthusiastic and insightful. I really appreciated her message and her animated gifs.

Brian Fenton at 10:07 on 9 Mar 2018

Really inspiring, well done. High energy, gave lots of examples of personal connections. Nice shoutouts to rubber ducking and the pac-man rule.

Great start to the event. Also great gif collection! I think its the passionate people like you who keep the community rich and thriving!

Nic Steenhout at 10:47 on 9 Mar 2018

I really enjoyed this talk. Personal anecdotes tying the message together were a very nice touch. The reminder that the main benefit of community building is personal relationships can't be repeated loudly enough - it's about people, people! :) Thanks Margaret, was great talk.

Inspiring and honest talk. So many programmers are introverts and can benefit from the encouragement to jump into the community that this talk provided, fantastic as a conference keynote.

Louise Adams at 10:51 on 9 Mar 2018

Excellent topic, dynamic speaker!

Brian Skorseth at 11:01 on 9 Mar 2018

Terrific start to the conference, with suggestions relevant for the rest of the weekend.

Greg Lyon at 11:16 on 9 Mar 2018

Thanks for the wonderful talk, Margaret, many people and their communities would benefit from hearing this!

I really enjoyed this talk. Margaret took a very honest approach to explaining a term that is sometimes thrown around lightly. I appreciated all of the energy and fun so early in the morning! This talk really made me think about my personal relationships and interactions and how I can improve them.

Justin Foell at 17:00 on 9 Mar 2018

Great personal story that many can relate to.

I learned things that can be applied in a general context, like: the pac man rule, the levels of accountability for your relationships, etc.

Chris Kipp at 13:24 on 10 Mar 2018

Great way to kick off a conference.

It was a fantastic theme to open with. It at times felt a little too basic, at this point in our lives I hope most people know the advantages of having friends. But I appreciated the insights into how to break into the tech communities if you're new. The speaker was a tad too energetic for my tastes, I felt exhausted by the end just keeping up with her pace!

I saw people throughout the rest of the conference making a conscious effort to be inclusive and more likely to talk to people they didn't know which I think is in large part due to kicking off the conference with this as the opener.

Love the Pac-Man rule!