Unsure where to start with your next application? Are you sure you want full stack Symfony eventually but not sure you can commit to the extra work upfront? Afraid if you start with a micro-framework like Silex you'll end up needing to migrate to full stack Symfony anyway? Enter Symfony Flex. Symfony flex brings all of the power of full stack Symfony with the upfront requirements of a micro-framework. Choosing Symfony upfront not longer commits you to the overhead you might expect from a traditional Symfony project. See how quickly a new project can be started and how it can evolve over time.


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Beau, you are knowledgeable and good at explaining how flex work!

Josh Hartman at 13:48 on 9 Mar 2018

Nice delivery! Excited to get a project started with Flex.

Mike Baynton at 13:54 on 9 Mar 2018

Thanks for opening my eyes to these latest developments in Symfony space. Looks like they've made the experience of working with Symfony much more enjoyable. Your talk was well-paced, I was even able to code along with the examples which was neat.

I really liked the talk but I felt like you glossed over some of the Symfony specific things that might be confusing to people who have never used Symfony like bundles, the configuration files and the references to Fabian. :-)

Phil Dowson at 13:54 on 9 Mar 2018

Nice introduction to flex and the speaker came across as knowledgable and engaging

Ben Marks at 14:40 on 9 Mar 2018

As is often the case, Beau imparts knowledge clearly. Only obvious critique would be slide size for when the screen is so small.

Good explanation about Flex and I also liked the presentation workflow, well done.

Always happy to learn more about symfony and Symfony Flex was something I didn't know anything about before. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! The compare and contrast of how Flex is, or is not, like other services was useful for placing it in context of other Symfony products.