Free Open Source Software was going to change the world. My own experience working on Open Source projects over the last 18 years shows me that it did. For many people. Yet, many FOSS applications don't take accessibility into account. But nearly 20% of the population has a significant disability. This number grows when you take into account people with temporary or situational impairments.

I'll dig into the relationship between FOSS projects and accessibility, as well as the positive impact FOSS has, or could have, on the lives of people with disabilities. Leaving the world a better place is something we all aspire to. I'll discuss how you can have a beneficial effect on the accessibility of the projects you're involved with. We can all be heroes for the more than 1 in 5 people who need accessibility. We can make a real and significant impact. We can do it. You don't need to be an accessibility expert. You only need to work in Open Source, and to want to be an accessibility champion."


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Tessa Kriesel at 15:48 on 10 Mar 2018

Amazing talk. Thank you so much for sharing all of this awesome content and real stories to help me understand and relate to the content.

Amazing presentation. Thanks for sharing all of the amazing information and making me realize what we should be doing.

Riley Major at 16:10 on 10 Mar 2018

Thank you for bringing attention to this important topic. Your personal stories engendered empathy, your encouragement inspired action, and your practical tips gave us the tools.

Louise Adams at 17:22 on 10 Mar 2018

Well organized discussion with pertinent statistics and guidelines to accessibility.

Justin Foell at 10:57 on 11 Mar 2018

Thank you for inspiring, and also giving us the technical details to go forth and conquer.

Fantastic speaker! I appreciated the stories that emphasized the importance of accessibility. Plenty of resources provided on where and how to get started with accessibility practices.

I was very happy to see Nic was back this year as I loved his talk last year as well. This closing key note talk was everything I hoped it would be. I appreciated the reminder to continue thinking of all the different ways people will try to be using my code, whether trying to see the screen through a glare of sun or with a screen reader. And it was great to have so many more links to resources to add to my developer "tool belt".