PHP has been keeping its promise to deliver new versions with new functionality on a yearly basis for about half a decade now. It's understandable if some sites are having trouble keeping up with what's new and why upgrading matters. Join me as we cover the exciting history of PHP 7 so far and look into the future of PHP 7.4 late this year and what 8.0 is likely to bring in 2020.


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Great whirlwind tour through PHP versions from old and busted to new hotness.

Thanks for sharing all the awesome PHP 7 info Sara, I always learn something from your talks.

Omni Adams at 10:19 on 9 Mar 2019

Fun look at the history of PHP, including why PHP6 never became a thing. Looking forward to the upcoming things she went into.

Jessica Zehavi at 13:22 on 9 Mar 2019

Sara is a great speaker who is both engaging and full of technical detail. I loved hearing about PHP, the history of its versions, and what's coming from someone on the team. :D