Explore effective methods to identify & avoid the most common and devastating security pitfalls in Web Applications.

When it comes to an enterprise's exposure to security vulnerabilities, one could easily argue that its web presence is by far its greatest threat. There are many ways to build vulnerable applications and a few effective ways to "build them right". We'll instrument you to stay on right side of this equation.


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Eugen Neuber at 15:00 on 8 Mar 2019

Well done!

Brent Mitchell at 15:09 on 8 Mar 2019

A good breakdown of information on a topic that is far beyond the time allotted.

Roger Creasy at 16:01 on 8 Mar 2019

Terrific coverage of a huge topic. Chris hit many of the highlights and provided abundant links as resources. Very well done.

Great talk! This could easily be a larger half-day tutorial, but Chris managed to pull it off, and well, within the 1 hour time. I loved the code snippets, cross-language considerations (esp in ORM section). Perhaps some of the discussion around OAuth could've been cut out in the context of a one-hour talk.

Jessica Zehavi at 13:26 on 9 Mar 2019

This was a great introduction to OWASP using examples from actual breaches which made it very fun! It's so hard to pack it all into 45-50 minutes so I'm looking forward to diving into the links referenced in slides after the conference.