Every site seems to have that one feature that, if it breaks, would be a catastrophe. Lost profits and angry clients are something we all want to avoid.

In this session, we will explore the fundamentals of Behat and look at some example tests covering critical features.


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Great introduction to Behat, Andrew clearly explains the what, why and how.

I suggest in the future, running the first part of the presentation in full screen, seeing the browser and all the tabs etc is slightly distracting. When it comes to projectors, dark text on white background actually is easier to read as well.

Relying on conference wifi to download dependencies is a big risk, might be safer to have that stuff ready ahead of time.

I would love to see more info on how to write features and Behat code that will last, because I hear complaints all the time from people who constantly have to update their features as their UI changes or unrelated code changes.

Steve Grunwell at 11:41 on 9 Mar 2019

Really great introduction to Behat, and makes it much more approachable than the last time I tried to play with it. Fine, Andrew, I'll give it another shot!

I’d run across Behat and BDD a few years ago, but this talk gave a wonderful overview of practical applications for layering it on top of existing QA and deployment processes. Definitely renewed my interest.

Omni Adams at 12:18 on 9 Mar 2019

Good (re)introduction to Behat. While I'm not interested in the Wordpress side of things, being that specific didn't take away from the general points you were making. Would prefer the slides to be shown in full-screen mode though.