PHP is a huge language, with lots of "kitchen sink" functionality for you to build data structures with. But did you know PHP includes a standard library that has built-in structures like linked lists, queues, stacks, and higher-performance arrays? This talk will cover a few of the more interesting ones in depth, including how to use them and most importantly why you'd use them over other solutions.


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Omni’s talks are always as entertaining as they are enlightening.

Steve Grunwell at 16:00 on 8 Mar 2019

Really informative talk, and the JRPG examples generally seemed to resonate with the audience. A bit more authority (rather than anecdotal evidence, maybe a "I ran these benchmarks on a 512MB Digital Ocean VPS, and here's the output:"-type approach?)

Noah Bratzel at 19:29 on 8 Mar 2019

This talk was interesting and very well presented, but I found it less than compelling in convincing me to use any of these methods.

I learned a ton here, had never even looked at SPL stuff. The object stack looks especially useful for a project I'm working on. Omni did a great job covering a ton of material.