7 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me


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Aaron is a very good speaker. Straightforward, insightful, and a good start to the second day. I think that Aaron gave the room energy and set the tone for the second day.

Anonymous at 09:43 on 16 Mar 2014

Really great speaker, really intelligent and thinks himself attractive!!

Really great talk! Aaron was informative, humorous and very well spoken. I look forward to hearing speak again in the future!

Awesome, I was very inspired by this talk.

This was a very good talk, strait forward, and has good material that everyone can learn from!

Great talk which makes you think. Definitely agree with the do something different - as I've taken that to heart over the years and have lots of different hobbies.

Anonymous at 09:46 on 16 Mar 2014

Excellent points about customer service & doing something different. Solved more problems than I can count when I've been mowing the lawn :)

Best talk of the weekend so far. Loved the energy, the humor, and the message. Makes me wish I had been involved with the Milwaukee user group when I lived there. Thanks, Aaron!

Great talk. Especially the point about learning from things people hate.

Great morning keynote. Well designed to be inspiring while making you think at the same time. I also appreciate someone talking about the 'other side' of tech, about the burnout. And specifically pushing people to 'stop coding' sometimes. To get out and do something else. Play an instrument, go hiking, etc.

Very inspiring talk, great way to start the day.
Thanks man.

Thoughtful keynote.

Nice keynote. It was a nice start to the second day of the conference. Very well formatted talk. The stories really helped reinforce the points.

Most of the points we already knew, but it's energizing and important to be reminded in such a thoughtful, entertaining way. Great way to start the day.

Most of the points we already knew, but it's energizing and important to be reminded in such a thoughtful, entertaining way. Great way to start the day.

Great talk! Good, practical advice. Excellent choice for a keynote.

Great keynote and delivery. Awesome way to kick off day two.

I think it is a great talk. Enjoyed the stories.

I had high expectations for this presentation after seeing Aaron's standing-room only talk at last year's Midwest PHP conference, and he exceeded them easily. I found myself nodding my head as he introduced each key point, and think that the 7 points he outlined are a great guideline for every developer in the field - particularly points 1 (Learning from everything) and 5 (We are customer service).

Terrific presentation and a great way to kick off day 2.

Wonderful talk! It was very entertaining and had a lot of information I should keep in mind daily. Thank you!

This is now my list of things to go over with interns and jr. devs on day one. Thanks, Aaron!

Lots of useful information. Thanks.

I agreed very much with the points and message of this talk. A lot of them were very good reminders.

Loved the sand castle example. Too often, I start with the 3rd floor and have a mess before I'm through.

Good, generalist, spiritual guidance.

Occasionally slightly platitudinous... perhaps a bit more in the way of story?