Code Reviews: The "Secret" to Building Quality Software


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Anonymous at 13:56 on 15 Mar 2014

I was rather disappointed with this talk. It moved slowly and felt really elementary. We have been doing code reviews for years and I was hoping to gain some new insights into how to better structure them but I didn't get that knowledge here. I think this was geared more towards an introduction to code reviews so my team probably wasn't the target audience.

Anonymous at 14:02 on 15 Mar 2014

Have to agree with Nicholas's review.

Anonymous at 14:08 on 15 Mar 2014

I found this talk to be rather disappointing. The speaker seemed rather ineffectual and I was really hoping for higher energy and deeper insights. This felt more like an introduction to the idea of doing code reviews.

Anonymous at 15:44 on 15 Mar 2014

Should have been marked as an intro talk. Very shallow.

For teams that are already doing code reviews, there's not much here. But teams that haven't already discovered how awesome code reviews can make your team, they should have attended.

A few critiques points that you might be able to improve in the future: when you turn toward the screen it's very difficult to hear you, and there were some slides that it felt like you were reading the slide to us verbatim.

I thought that the talk was well paced. Each section got adequate time and attention and nothing was rushed. I don't think there's a very large crowd in the don't-do-code-reviews camp so it would have been nice to see an example code review or perhaps walk though the flow of a specific tool.

Overall I thought the speaker did a good job.

I really wanted to know more about how to review someone else's code. As a reviewer, what should I be looking for? This talk answered that question rather ambiguously (along with others), and left me wanting a bit more. Perhaps a talk that was more focused on specific aspects of code reviews, so it would feel less like a general overview of basic concepts.

Liked the does and don't of QA and the options.

This was a great talk for me to hear because our company doesn't currently do any code-reviewing. I found it very interesting and informative.

It worked for me as I needed elementary knowledge in this subject however there could have been a little more energy during presentation.

I agree the details were sparse, but I am a single developer and have never been exposed to code reviews in the past.

Learning the general process was helpful.