From SQL to noSQL


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Very informative talk. I have spent a bit of time with MongoDB so a lot of this was review but I think this would have been a perfect talk for Mongo/NoSQL beginners.

Good talk. Lots of insight and experience.

This weekend's information from Jeremy and Derick has turned NoSQL options such as MongoDB from a "MongoDB is web scale" joke into a realistic solution for many of the problems we face in our current work.

I am very thankful for the eye-opening information.

Good walkthrough with links between SQL concepts and NoSQL concepts. I personally wanted to see more comparisons of the query language itself over replication, but that's just my preference. ;)

Good overview of mongodb. Needs a little more on the differences in sql vs nosql and maybe reasons to use one over another.

Enjoyed the high-level overview of NoSQL, but like Jeff, a few more comparisons would have been appreciated.

Anonymous at 13:38 on 16 Mar 2014

I enjoyed the overview of the different types of NoSQL, but very early in the presentation I realized the subject matter was a bit above my current level in terms of technical complexity. I'm very interested in MongoDB and will need to explore it a bit further before I catch another one of Derick's presentation - he's clearly very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the technology.

I posted this anonymously so that the rating won't impact Derick's overall score, as I can't reliably rate the presentation given the caveats above.

--J. Michael Ward, @iamjmw

I enjoyed this talk but I was hoping for more comparison and not as much focus on mongo specifically. So I guess I was mostly interested in the first half (?) of the talk? The presentation was pretty good, though! So I still enjoyed it. :)

This talk allowed me to take knowledge I already have (SQL) and apply it to a tech that I'm using more (NoSQL). Was very helpful.

Enjoyed the presentation. I suspect small to medium projects wouldn't really benefit refactoring for noSQL.. but I can see where large apps could.