How to succeed with Open Source


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Interesting thoughts on using, contributing, and running OSS projects.

Anonymous at 11:37 on 16 Mar 2014

Glen is really passionate about open source projects and that comes across in his talk. At the same time, he is refreshingly candid about the limitations, problems, and realities of contributing and managing open source projects.

I wish I could have seen Glen's other talk yesterday.

Good overview of open source. I think it will help when I get around to getting my projects out.

Glen is an excellent speaker. As a long-time user, but relatively new contributor to open source projects, this talk helped me clarify how I should or shouldn't be handling certain situations. Lots of great info, presented in a clean and organized manner.

Good talk!

I really enjoyed the talk, great insight about open source community dos and don'ts..

I have ignored OS before now. Your talk inspired me to learn git and then contribute!