HTTP ALL THE THINGS: Simplifying Rich Applications by Respecting the Rules of the Web


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Anonymous at 13:29 on 16 Mar 2014

Rather slow talk. Really seems to jump all over. Not a lot of cohesion in the presentation.

Talk was a bit scattered. I liked AngularJS examples.

Good AngularJS information, hard to connect HTTP concepts with PHP from this talk

Lots of information but far too Angular/JS focused for a PHP conference. There was a brief mention of PHP (there was more PHP covered during the questions after the talk) but the majority of the talk was on Angular which is a great framework but a little out of place for this event.

I'm actually a Front End / Mobile developer and even I found the level of AngularJS information a bit jarring for a PHP Conference. Really interested in BEAR.sunday that he referenced, though!

Started out good, with breakdown of SOAP -> XML-RPC -> REST, with some examples of each, then seemed to slip into AngularJS and wander around. Which, to be fair, was pointed out in the session description, just seemed out of place at a PHP conference. Do wish the SOA section would have been discussed more with solid examples.

Anonymous at 13:52 on 16 Mar 2014

Good coverage of some of the concepts and the pitfalls of bad design.

Didn't mind the Angular coverage as much as other reviewers, perhaps because I'm already a fanboy. More SOA might have been nice. Appreciate the pointers to BEAR.sunday and JSONSpec - look forward to learning more about each.

Not the best Nate Abele presentation I've seen, but I'll give him a pass for being sick. I appreciated the AngularJS examples, even though they were unexpected.

I'm torn - I liked learning about AngularJS but didn't know that's what the talk would be so much about it and was hoping to see some more PHP. In general, I liked the content about API design, RESTful principles, etc. Keep pushing people's understanding about hypermedia, content negotiation, etc!

I was expecting a little bit more of a tie of HTTP to PHP, but the AngularJS information was very good. I picked up some really good pieces of information from this talk though. The dry humor was executed very well, that tends to be a tough thing to do well, but you nailed it. Very good talk, would have gotten more out of it if I used AngularJS.

I think this is a case of two talks mixed together. Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I think JS is part of the PHP stack at this point and so an Angular talk would be perfectly at home here, but mixing Angular specifics with the basics of HTTP/REST/Hypermedia is a lot to cover in 45 minutes.

I failed to read the description and didn't realize that it was going to dive in to AngularJS. I'm glad that I attended since I had never really been introduced to Angular.

Good talk on HTTP, but I wish it would've gone much deeper into HTTP, and separate that from the Angular stuff (and also have the Angular talk, because like Jason, it makes sense to cover Angular since it can consume data from PHP APIs).

I also found the talk to be a bit scattered. I did however, appreciate the Angular JS information.

Would have to agree with the other comments. The talk felt a bit disorganized and scattered. A more focused approach could be helpful.

The title of this talk was misleading, and then it was very often off-topic from the central point. I don't think I took much away from this except that the speaker really likes Angular, and doesn't think anybody writes software correctly except himself. I found this very hard to follow, and I didn't feel like I could really ask for clarification because of how far away I was from getting it. Chock it up to me being dumb. In my opinion, there's such a thing as being too abstract, and having programming languages that are too high-level.

Anonymous at 15:59 on 17 Mar 2014

I enjoyed this talk. It didn't contain much actual PHP, but that doesn't mean it didn't belong at this conference. An deep understanding of the HTTP spec is vital for creating any web app. It's the language your app is speaking to the client, and you need to be fluent in it. Perhaps this talk could've been lighter on the Angular implementation details, but that wasn't the focus.

Overall the presentation was pretty good but it didn't seem to track what I had expected. Upon reading the description again, I suppose I should have expected as much Angular as was presented... the most interesting bits for me were the parts that talked about how to not actually tie yourself to the server URLs and being able to be more hypermedia friendly which has always sorta kept me from angular. I was maybe a bit distracted, though, so I wasn't entirely certain how easy that is to do now with Angular. I think some libraries / extensions were presented but some of them looked to be WIP and/or based on a spec that is currently under development. So I wasn't clear on how much of this was actually actionable information? Still, it was more on target to the central goal for the talk than I gave it credit for, so I can't be too harsh on me 1) not understanding angular very well to begin with or 2) not reading the description of the talk better and just relying on the talk title. :)