Introducing Tests in Legacy PHP Applications


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Great complement to Paul Jones' talk about modernizing legacy applications. Helpful examples using Behat for acceptance/characterization tests to facilitate initial test coverage on legacy code.

Nice talk and introduction to Behat/Mink.

Nice talk and introduction to Behat/Mink.

Excellent talk. The fictional FizzBuzz company covered a lot of use cases that will be useful in daily work with testing.

Anonymous at 14:48 on 16 Mar 2014

Solid walkthrough of introducing acceptance tests for legacy applications. Nice intro to behat/mink too.

Enjoyed the practical example of combining BDD and TDD to "correct" legacy code. Looking forward to putting this into practice with Paul Jones' ideas.

Pretty good, informative talk. The characterization testing was an interesting concept that could've used more focus, and I will have to spend some time looking into. Good take aways - thanks