Not Your Grandmother's WordPress


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Anonymous at 13:46 on 15 Mar 2014

Good talk. Gave a good overview of where and what to use inside of wordpress.

Entertaining and Informative.

Really interesting talk on ways to use Wordpress other than the traditional install

Awesome talk! Glad to know there is a way to work with wordpress that feels like it might be the way a professional would do it.

Great talk! great to hear that someone has thought about some of the issues that I have disliked about Wordpress, and make progress on solving them. I will actually be able to implement these things right away.

Anonymous at 14:21 on 15 Mar 2014

Very informative. Lots of information to pack into an hour, did a great job with it.

Enjoyed the light-hearted intro describing the WordPress conflict and really appreciated the insight to what you do to keep WordPress updated on your own terms.

I've recently heard about wpackagist and have been interested in integrating Composer into my WordPress projects since then. I've also seen some presentations in the past that discussed deploying WordPress using Capistrano, but that was nearly two years ago when I wasn't yet ready to explore these concepts.

Jason's talk came at just the right time for me, then. He provided a great overview of how to set up your WordPress projects with Composer, how to strip out WordPress themes altogether if you'd like to work with another templating engine, and how to deploy it all from development to staging to production using Capistrano. He also came armed with lots of examples that he and his colleagues at John Hopkins have produced, and I'm excited to explore those resources more in depth following the conference.

This is a great presentation, and I hope that Jason will consider giving this talk at WordCamps across the country as well.

I took so much away from this talk. Thank you for sharing this! WordPress is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. These days I try to stay away from it mostly because it is such a drag to work in. I'd LOVE to be able to try and start a fresh WordPress project with some of these newer tools and ideas in place.

You have restored my faith in WordPress as something I may want to use as a CMS or even for a full site. The info on using composer was very informative and will push me to maybe get back into some more WordPress sites. Great talk!!!

Anonymous at 18:16 on 16 Mar 2014

Great talk! I especially liked the entertaining intro describing WordPress conflict. I walked away with some good (and new) information and really appreciated the entertaining way you presented the information.

I've been to many WordCamps, and this was BY FAR the best WordPress talk I've ever attended. It broke out of the "OMG LOOK HOW AWESOME EVERYTHING ABOUT WORDPRESS IS" template that's the norm for WordPress talks and really took a look at how to use the WP backend in out of the box ways.

Brilliant. Worth the price of admission for just this talk.

I'm just learning WordPress, and loved your presentation. Helped me understand why I'm learning it and what I need to know in regards to future clients and what they may want/need from me. I love being able to make changes and add design my way - not just use templates "as is". Thanks for taking the need seriously.

Helped me love Wordpress again - especially liked the templating notes. The talk was chock full of useful information and Jason did an excellent job of showing the class through with exceptional presentation.

Opened my eyes to opportunities with Wordpress! Thanks!

- Fabulous topic -- relevant for me who works on WP (because of broad support, user-friendliness, and beautiful theme marketplaces) but occasionally grates at its limitations.
- John's Hopkins is very generous in its contributions of its work to the community. A fabulous example of open source leadership.
- Amazing use of humor and vivid imagery (flexible fat guy)

- Honestly can't think of any ...
- ... perhaps advice on which of your various wizardries might be the easiest and most valuable to foray into?