Vagrant for Virtualized Development


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Anonymous at 10:38 on 15 Mar 2014

Nicely done presentation!

Anonymous at 11:00 on 15 Mar 2014

Great talk! Thank you!

Picked up some good ideas for fine tuning our existing Vagrant environments. Thanks.

Anonymous at 11:06 on 15 Mar 2014

Well done presentation. Confirmed that we're heading the right direction with our setup!

Great intro to Vagrant. Gotta see if I can get our team using it...

Anonymous at 11:37 on 15 Mar 2014

Suggestion: your color scheme for your code is a little difficult to read against your slide background, especially the comments. Dark blue on black isn't quite enough contrast.

Good talk. I don't use Vagrant, trying to convince team, have plenty of tips and resources to start with.

Great talk, part of our development team is currently using Vagrant. We are trying to convince those who aren't using it to become "One of Us."

Anonymous at 15:19 on 15 Mar 2014

Great talk!

Anonymous at 09:22 on 16 Mar 2014

Thank you! Great summary & confirmation of the process I'm working on.

This was a really great talk - I've wanted to look into Vagrant for a while and now I have some good starting points.

Really appreciated learning about tools for working with Vagrant/Chef/Puppet/Composer. Solid presentation. Thank you!

Good talk, I just started using Vagrant and this will for sure get me moving on it.

I already knew I wanted to use vagrant. I was happy you showed Vagrant in action. Thanks for the talk!

Great talk, nicely done!

I am new to Vagrant and now I have a solid idea where to get things started!