Cryptography for the Average Developer


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Good intro to what not to do.

Great talk. Anthony was very knowledgable, Gave a great intro to some pretty hefty content. At time the terminology was a little unclear (indicative of the topic not the speaker).

Great talk and a strong speaker, but a bit short and lacking in real code examples. Some examples of good and bad approaches would help the audience catch up with and better understand the whirlwind of information.

Everyone who attended this session can still recite the take-home message: HIRE AN EXPERT. I thought this was a well-done, fast-paced dive into an interesting topic, and it left me with several things to look into on my own, which is the mark of a good presentation.

I was hoping for some pointers for best practices on securing data in a PHP environment. Great info though and Anthony was a smart and engaging speaker.

I learned some things that will help me avoid security issues. Thanks!!