Database Optimization for Web Developers


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Note: I only attended part two.

Great information, speaker clearly knows his topic. Slides were a bit dense with text at times, but that was a relatively minor issue. I benefitted by attending.

I attended both and while I think that session 1 was more pertinent to what I wanted to know, both were extremely informative. The speaker knew the topic very well and shared a great deal of very helpful information.

Sliders were hard to read but the projector wasn't very good so not sure it was his fault.

Speaker answered questions afterward and was knowledgable and helpful.

Very glad I attended.

I learned a ton in the first 10 minutes, it got a little slow after the first bit but overall very interesting

Learned a lot from this talk, but since the talk was pretty MySQL-specific anyway (also Maria/Percona) it would've been nice to get some more specific info about basic tuning my.cnf params for a web developer. As it stands, this talk could definitely fit into a single session.

Learned a lot, sounds like I have some work to do now next week, thanks for that.

I attended the first session only, and Steve covered a lot of information in the time allotted. He clearly has a good awareness of the pitfalls to look out for when using MySQL, and I felt that I got a lot out of his talk. Hopefully the slides will find their way online!

Very good talk. It was nice to hear about some of the tools methods that can be used to first FIND your problems.

Was a good talk. Wish I would have had it a few years ago before I had to learn many of the items the hard way. Was good to reinforce knowledge though.

I only attended the first session. I picked up a couple of new things, but I was a little disappointed that the speaker didn't explain things in depth. The slides had too much text and were hard to read.

Kate - Thanks for the feedback. I apologize for the hard-to-read slides. I think the room did not contribute well to having easy-to-read text on the projector, which did not have great resolution (800x600). Please download the slides in order to see the detailed text.

Max - I've included a link to the Percona Configuration Generator in my session notes (linked above). I didn't include tuning of my.cnf in my talk for a few reasons:

(1) It is a very complex topic where the answer to most questions is "it depends"
(2) Just scratching the surface of it would take an extended amount of time (which I didn't have)
(3) The talk was geared to web developers, who are generally not responsible for this type of server tuning

I do appreciate your feedback, and I'll look into adding some basic my.cnf tuning into my talk in the future.

Anonymous at 21:10 on 3 Mar 2013

One of the best sessions at Midwest PHP. Lots of good information and ideas on what to look for and do to make you database and queries more efficient.

Enjoyed the talk quite a bit! There is a lot of good information given in the talk and I can't wait to test out the pt-digest tools mentioned in the talk.

Thanks Steve!