Deploying PHP on PaaS: Why & How


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After the microphone issue was fixed, this was a good talk. I will be checking out dotCloud.

Good overview of the problems associated with deploying code. I would have liked to see a demo of how easy deploying from 0 to production can be.

Anonymous at 10:22 on 3 Mar 2013

The first 20 minutes was a rant about what it was like to deploy sites 15 years ago. I felt like the talk was off on a tangent most of the time.

Relevant topic, good info. Nice to hear about another PaaS option, too.

Jerome obviously brings A LOT to the table in terms of server/deployment knowledge and I found his talk on PaaS deployments to be quite eye opening. I want to learn more...

Good talk, Jerome was knowledgable and a good presenter. I thought this talk was good as a keynote but if it were ever given as a session, I'd recommend spending less time on the bio/what-I've-done portion and incorporate a walk-through or more code examples. There were at least two slides that fell prey to the "all you have to do is ..." trap.

All in all, great talk.

I'll be looking at dotCloud.

Anonymous at 11:13 on 3 Mar 2013

A lot of it was trying to sell dotCloud, presenter said "ummm" many many times and it was very distracting

I think this should not have been a keynote. It is way to specialized and technical for that. A keynote should inspire and not go into details. Also, about the subject, I think the technology is not mature.

There were some technical issues with the mic, too much history and it was too specific and technical for a keynote. The information was interesting and clearly presented, though.

The talk was not a good fit for a keynote. Too much historical info which is not relevant anymore. Too much focus on one vendor.

This was an interesting talk, once the microphone buzz stopped. It was too long on the old days, and seemed to just sort of stop before jumping to the present. I guess the point was something like the more things change, the more they stay the same -- with each new attempt to reduce complexity and potential for error adding more complexity. That is, until now, with the advent of PaaS. Somehow this struck me as a self-defeating narrative.

In any case, this would have been more appropriate as a session topic, not a keynote. It could have been made more keynote-like by talking about the general trends in web development, through a PHP lens, and how "old" tech has improved (e.g. current VPS offerings) and new tech is emerging (cloud, multilingual applications, etc) to address and interact with those trends. Just a suggestion.

Microphone buzz: irritating, yeah, but everyone has technical problems.

First 15 minutes: historical information might be interesting but didn't provide additional enlightenment on the problem nor help explain the PaaS concept. Maybe this could have been a couple slides.

The avoidance of dotCloud was appreciated at times, but no other PaaS solutions were provided and so I feel the topic was mislabeled.

Seeing you do this from a console, live at the demo (with your OpenVPN tunneled through port 443) would have been fantastic. Or consider using a wireless hotspot. I would have perked up immensely if you took a non-cloud project and made it work on your platform while we watched.

A live demo would have been great and the mic was a problem. Very good info on what to expect from a paas provider.

I gained a better understanding of PaaS and how I might benefit by using it. Thanks.

It would have been really useful to see a live demo to see it in action. Also, I missed some sort of comparison between dotCloud and other PaaS solutions.

Anonymous at 06:52 on 4 Mar 2013

I agree with the others that this probably shouldn't have been a keynote - I'd rather have something that got me excited for either learning about php or programming php. Spent too much time on the old way of doing stuff. It was interesting though about how easy it was to deploy a full stack - would have been great to see live.