Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID


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Great use of simple images to explain meanings.

Great talk, speaker did a very good job bringing lofty ideas back down to earth. Very helpful illustrations and did a very good job answering questions

Lots of cool big words and simple images to illustrate lofty ideals. Excellent finish to bring everybody back down to earth. One of the best presentations (so far).

Great talk. Moved quickly but did a good job of being clear. This talk MIGHT benefit from being split in two and by giving more time to code examples ...

One talk on STUPID using anti-patterns and one talk on SOLID; both using examples.

Overall, very informative and a great presentation.

Engaging speaker who did a good job explaining complex concepts. The talk felt kind of rushed, I wished we'd had more time to explore practical PHP examples of each principle.

Nice talk. Good and understandable explanation of abstract concepts. Would like to see more code examples describing the issues and how to fix them.

Was a very good talk. Took a potentially complex topic and made very simple to follow. Loved all the real world examples and imagery used. Presentation style was fantastic.

Adding examples related to php (or language conference is on) would likely help relate concepts more.

Please do a Web Cast of the talk!! GREAT JOB!

Excellent talk! Great mix of practical information combined with references to places where I can learn more.

Very engaging speaker, great topic. Some code examples would help make it more relatable to real-world PHP. It seemed a little short, so probably the talk would only benefit from spending some time with the code.

Very well done presentation with good visuals and analogies to aid in understanding the concepts. I agree that the presentation could benefit from some "bringing it home" to show real-world applicability - many seemed to leave with questions that this additional information could help answer. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the pacing and presentational style.

Amazing talk, great job.

Anonymous at 06:54 on 4 Mar 2013

Excellent coverage of complex concepts.
Given that there was some extra time, some more concrete examples could have been included (even via UML, rather than language specific)

Excellent analogies to explain the SOLID model. Would love to see more examples of the usage.

Fantastic, I have many pages of notes from just this brief 40 min talk. Excellent.