Get hooked on git hooks


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A really good talk. High-level enough to keep it flowing nicely, but also touched on some low level details.

Informative, good use of humor.
Very good use of visual information.

Good mix of humor/pop culture and technical detail. I'm going to start using hooks more now

Nicely covered, picked up on a number of new items to add to my base.

Lots of good tips on when to use git hooks and some good sample code

Good talk. Bit too fast for me at times. Code samples were clear and small enough. Good humor indeed! Nice slides with the hooks listed as post-it notes. The speed was a problem, you know already, but hence 3 stars.

Overall great information. Some examples could have been simplified for demo purposes though. I did like the local and live examples but rebuilding a directory structure was a bit deep. Great personality kept the conversation engaging.

Great examples of creating useful hooks, but apply the brakes on the presentation speed next time!

Nice presentation with an intro to all git hooks. I like the presentation style. It would be nice to see some more code examples. Also, try to provide more info on github hooks as many people are using them.

Omni seemed to know the topic well and had lots of good info to share. I especially liked the real-world examples of what you could put in certain hooks (and explanation of hooks that didn't really have good use cases). The pace felt a little rushed, but that was probably because of the down time from the wonky projector troubles at the beginning.

Nice overview of what's available and good examples of how you might use hooks. I would have really like to see a continuous deployment example.

Great overview of git hooks. Just technical enough to get me started without going way over my head.