Intro to Laravel


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Nice intro. Loved the Composer shoutout.

Great talk. From using your ion auth lib for many projects its cool to see what else you're working on. Might just use Laravel as soon as a new project lines up.

Thought the basics of Laravel were covered but felt like Ben didn't talk enough about what makes Laravel really different or what sort of problems Laravel solves better than other frameworks.

Of course, nice to see a shout-out to concerns about both the framework being tested AND making it easy to write tests despite the use of so many static method calls.

Thanks for the feedback, constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!

Great overview of a framework I've been meaning to check out for a while now. Would have been nice to delve a little deeper into specifics, but I felt like I got a good gist of what the framework is about. Always fun to hear about the new hotness.