Lightning Talk


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I'm glad someone finally is bringing the menace that is lightning to the public's (or at least MidwestPHP's) knowledge.

10/10 A++++++ would watch again.

This was seriously brilliant. Jeremy did such a good job at delivering this material that I pinged him almost immediately afterwards asking for video footage. 10 out of 5 stars.

Nice job once again Jeremy. It was changed slightly since I saw it last at SunshinePHP, but still awesome.

As an organizer I was glad that although I was only able to sit down and watch one talk this one was it. Thank you Jeremy for putting on such an entertaining talk just before closing. :)

Brilliant conference wrapup

Nikola Tesla approves this talk!

Anonymous at 08:56 on 5 Mar 2013


Too much lightning...

Electrifying! Great way to end the conference :D

It keeps getting better and better with each run!

Fantastic. Great ending for the conference. Glad I didn't leave early.