Refactoring 101


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Fantastic talk. Engaging, confident style coupled with code and good explanations. The very end felt rushed, which was to be expected since Adam was squeezing a longer talk into a shorter timeframe. I would've loved for this one to be a double session. The parts about code smells (e.g. inappropriately sharing private parts!) was entertaining while at the same time quite informative.

Thank you wass very interesting and informative.

Adam covered a crucial topic (or topics, if you will, as there was a vast assortment of subtopics relevant to the talk), and did it with the kind of energy and verve one needs to capture and hold an audience's attention at the end of the day. This was a great session that I'd be interested in seeing again if I ever have the chance, perhaps with a bit more time to allow Adam to cover all of the content in detail.

Anonymous at 09:29 on 3 Mar 2013

Excellent and informative. Very good illustrations showing "how much" to accomplish in each iteration of the refactor / re-test cycle.

Very good, very informative, very impressive!!

Anonymous at 09:54 on 3 Mar 2013

Very informative and interesting.

Excellent talk. Did a great job of explaining with a real example. Was engaging with proper explanations. Had some tech difficulties early but not necessarily the speakers fault but caused us to run long and likely not cover everything fully.

Very interesting and important topic. Excellent, engaging, exciting speaker.

Anonymous at 10:52 on 3 Mar 2013

I thought this talk was very good, particularly for people that aren't familiar with it. I will be using these concepts in my job, not necessarily to do things I haven't already been doing, but to help convince developers/managers of the importance of this. My only recommandation for change - I personally think there should have been more of the why before jumping into the examples. I felt like there was a little confusion from some people about why some of this refactoring was being done that didn't get explained until afterwards. But that might be just my preference.

Great talk with good pointers of where to start looking for code chunks to refactor!

Anonymous at 21:24 on 3 Mar 2013

A great talk to end the day and my favorite of the conference. Adam's organization and energy elevated a potentially dry topic. He provided concise and relevant advice on the topic, supported by a well-conceived slide deck. A double session ( 1.5 hr ) would have been perfect in this situation as the pacing was forced to be very brisk.