Scaling PHP with HipHop


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Possibly one of the most brilliant people I've seen speak in person. Parts of this talk went over my head and that was totally ok with me. Fantastic talk.

Great talk. Was very engaging speaker. Covered history well in a quick manner that helped understand rest of the talk. Covering how to install, reasons why and why not to use it, and where it is going was all very helpful as well. Felt very informed without being "sold to".

This is easily my favorite talk of the conference. The depth of technical knowledge was coupled with an extremely engaging delivery style. Very exciting to hear about the tools being built inside of Facebook.

One of the best talk all weekend. You went into the best amount of detail without going too far to make it hard to follow. Got me very excited about future PHP developments and wanting to try HipHop on my server as well.

Great to see the things HipHop can do, and when not to use it. Funny and interesting.

I echo all of the above ... although the density would lend itself to two sessions.

Exciting stuff!

I'm so used to having people dumb down the topic or perhaps some people who aren't too knowledgeable give presentations. I had prepared myself to be somewhat hungry for technical details when this talk was done.

I'm thrilled to be disappointed!

It's obvious that Sara knew her topics thoroughly from how she gracefully and completely answered the questions that came up. The presentation was a good overview of what HipHop provides, what you have to do to get it set up, what it does internally. It didn't install it in front of my face right there in a console, but I also don't think that it would have helped this type of presentation. Great job.

Wow, that was a great talk. Really skilled speaker. I honestly expected to find very little that would be relevant to my small business web development work, but Sara successfully and humorously transmitted an enthusiasm and understanding (high level) for what HipHop is doing and I found a lot to be quite relevant even for my small team.

An amazing speaker and great presentation. Would have sat there for the entire conference if it wasn't for the time limits!

It is also very inspiring as an ever-learning PHP dev. to hear Sara speak. Thanks for the quick chat afterwards Sara!

Excellent session!! Biggest thing I learned is that it's probably not for us now, but it could ve a very viable option in the future. I'll be keeping an eye on the HipHop project.

Great presentation that managed to be in-depth and accessible at the same time. I wish it didn't have to be crammed into such a short time!

Great presentation! Really covered the practicality (and lack of it) of HipHop well. Awesome!

Sara did a great job!! The subject matter was over my head, but she made it enjoyable, interesting and clear that right now, I don't need HipHop! Really nice job Sara.