The WordPress Hacker's Guide to the \Galaxy()


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A good overview, not for beginners - touched on lots of advanced topics.

Would have been really easy to get lost and lose interest in this topic without knowing at least a little about the vast number of advanced topics. Wow.

I guess it's going to take a lot of magic tricks to make working with WordPress better, so that is all forgivable.

I'm not too much into WordPress development, but Jason also talked about deployment, brushing quickly how to deploy WordPress with Capistrano. Very interesting thoughts/discussion ensued.

I like the fact that you took a perspective on WordPress development that was partly new to me. The way you made creating custom objects a breeze is inspiring. Want to thank you for touching on deployment, because that's still on my todo list and you just made it easier for me to finally set it up. For many users, I would recommend Webistrano over Capistrano though, because it has this nice visual interface (It's a web application on top of capistrano). Anyway, thanks for sharing!

I am guilty of liking WordPress too despite the consequence your first couple slides showed off people's standard reaction to it. Thanks for your great insight. I learned a few things in your presentation that made the whole conference worthwhile. Especially wp skeleton and gitftp.

Lots of great approaches to making life with WordPress more pleasant from a development perspective. I'm looking forward to sharing with the rest of our team.