Using Backbone.js in a PHP Environment


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Ken introduced Backbone in a very straightforward and accessible way. Pace was too slow, and the example code was overly simplistic. Based on the title, I would've expected this to be more like an intermediate-level talk about the interaction between PHP and Backbone (or other clientside frameworks), not an intro. There was very little here specific to PHP. For example, do Backbone models have any relation to a model (data object or other) in PHP? Do we validation code between PHP and Backbone? Are templates necessarily static, or are they created as PHP output? And so on. As a final difficulty, Ken's mic was rubbing against his sweater, causing aural distraction for many in the room. My low rating for this talk is meant as hopefully constructive criticism. It could be a great presentation.

I echo the the above comment. The mic/shirt rubbing was frustratingly distracting. The presenter more or less read their slides to us, often slower than we could read it ourselves. The pace was frustratingly slow and the overall content didn't seem very organized. I believe that the speaker knows this topic and others quite well but the presentation was less than I was expecting and hoping for.

The speaker didn't seem to know the content of his presentation very well, often taking long pauses to read his own slide before commenting.

While there *was* a lot of information, but I think a 10,000 foot view "Here is the problem this is trying to solve" and "here are some real world examples" would have benefited this a ton.

Speaker unprepared, multiple slides repeated, continually looking at slides and seemed to be his first time. Code on slides totally unreadable. (Red on black)

I agree with others' comments above. Ken appears to have a good understanding of the material, and the session could benefit from some fine-tuning: cleaning up redundant slides, increasing the pace, rehearsing the material, and incorporating more information about how Backbone integrates with PHP. With these refinements, I think it has the potential to be a very good talk.

Interesting intro to the topic. Poor speaker for the reasons mentioned above.

A little higher level overview of the moving parts between backbone and the server code would have been helpful - could use a little more organization and some design help with the slides.

Not much could be extracted from this talk. I didn't know anything about backbone.js and still don't. It could be an interesting talk to show a real world application using backbone.js with PHP backend.

I would have to agree with Chris - I didn't know anything about backbone.js going into the talk and still not sure what some uses for it would be. The slides had a ton of information and you could tell the presenter knew the topic, but had a hard time communicating it. A nice primer on advantages/disadvantages of using backbone.js would have been great.