6.45 – Registration

7:00 – Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel and Sophie Mitchell – What ZZ Top and Albert Einstein can teach us about the challenges of a market place

7.30 – Stratis Valachis – Designing for Voice: Best practices and predictions for the future of voice interactions

8.00 – Q&A

8.30 – Networking & beers


Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel Sophie Mitchell from Rated People

Ruth is the Chief Product Officer at Rated People with a CV you’d expect for someone who’s spent 20 years joining dots in innovative, digital and on-demand businesses. A European Masters degree, time spent working in the U.S and a love of Käsekuchen has helped shape my view of running high performing teams and taking digital products to market.

In their talk they will be discussing our journey since 2005
– How Einsteins theory of special relativity can help explain our 2 audiences
– What does the future hold for us

Stratis Valachis from Aviva

Stratis is a Senior User Experience Designer at Aviva’s Digital Innovation Garage. He’s currently leading the design of Aviva’s AI and Conversational UX projects, contributing to the company’s efforts to transform insurance and long-term finance through customer centred design.

In his spare time, he helps Walks.VR, a startup in Brussels working on providing on-demand virtual reality travelling adventures to people with motor disabilities.

Stratis is passionate about the future of AI and Human Computer Interaction and the exciting ways in which they can help us redefine core experiences of our everyday lives.

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