Talk comments

Great talk Camilo! Some aspects I didn't think of will help me further with my project (and make it more complex ;)

Nice to know you've learned some stuff :) That's what I was looking to accomplish with this talk.

Thanks for that, I didn't really notice myself that so with that now in mind I'll try to avoid it in the future!

I tried to do that, but in my rehearsal it only slowed things down and were a bit difficult to introduce. However, a summary (either at the beginning or the end) would be an excellent idea. Thanks!

I've increased the font size for the code samples now for my future presentations, thanks!

Very interesting talk. As someone who was in the automated translation business, and ran a few Yii i18n projects, I finally understand what I have been doing wrong for years.

A very interesting talk about i18n an l10n in PHP.

The presentation style can be improved a lot, I would focus on saying uhm a little bit less.

The content of the presentation was great though, a good overview of a lot of challenges you will face when trying to internationalize your application.

It was a pretty good talk, i learned alot of it.
There was one thing you could improve though, it was a bit chaotic because the talk got from one subject to the other pretty fast.

Example: you where first talking about time and currencies ETC, and 5 seconds later the subject was database and i was like o_O how did we get there :P.

So it might be an improvement to add a slide to go from 1 subject to the other. example: talking about subject 1, recap of subject 1. intro to subject 2. talk of subject 2. recap of subject 2.

Interesting talk with lots of insights concerning managing your translations and all the pitfalls that may occur when dealing with different countries, languages, time zones and cultural interpretations of various symbols.

Only point of improvement that I can think of, is perhaps slightly increasing the font size for the code samples.

Overall, a good talk.