What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Great conf guys! Keep up!

Anonymous at 08:02 on 13 Nov 2012

Not all talks were a turning point, but overall the conference was really interesting well done. Some speaker would have to be more animated during presentation.

1. Debugging Real-Time Apps: probably the most interesting talk
2. Unlock your Inner Node.js in the Cloud with Windows Azure: even children know how to deploy on a paas, so the first part of the talk can be skipped
3. Big app design in Node.js: cool topic, cool slides, less cool the speaker
4. Faster than C? Parsing Node.js Streams!: no comments, it was ok
5. businesspost.ie How to Build and Deliver a Complete Commercial Node.js Project: i was going to sleep, but the cause was the lunch, not the talk :)
6. How Node.js meets Windows Azure in the real world: the Save The Mom use case: interesting use case
7. OpenROV: Node.js Underwater: give something to the speaker, he was sleeping
8. Why I Hate Node.js: really cool, both the theme and the speaker/presentation
9. Integrating Node.js into your existing technology stack: give something to the speaker, he was sleeping
10. Building a multi-protocol broker for the Internet of Things using node.js: really well done presentation
11. last talk: i don't like intent testing framework, but it was good presentation and good topic

Anonymous at 22:29 on 12 Nov 2012

It's a matter of fact that Italians speak a bad English, but I think that is unfair to complain about that: all the other non Italian speakers were either English mother-tongue, or living / working in an English speaking country or company. To all those who complain about that, I suggest going out in front of a international audience of 200 people, and speaking in a language you do not speak in your everyday life.

I liked the talks not 100% node.js centered, like the Internet of things and the OpenROV one, because they showed that node.js can also be used in other environments, and not just the usual realtime web app.

I total agree with NoriSte, especially about Azure!

I disagree only about cloud9, that I found very interesting for the contents (a bit less for the way of presenting) and about the "why I hate node" that points out some interesting facts. Also because you should always to look to the "bad size" of things to improve something that is actually working.

Well done guys!!! My feedbacks
- the Microsoft Azure track was amazing (THIS is a sponsor-driver talk!!!)
- the cloud9 talk wan't interesting
- the italian's talks were pretty incomprehensible (because of the "bad" english)
- the talks where the subject wasn't node but node is just one of the used technologies weren't interesting to me. It0s interesting to view how node can be used but node can't be a marginal topic into the talk
- the first talk was to low-level
- the 2011 talks were more about Node
- the "why I hate node" should be named "why I hate js" and had an end in itself
The other talks worth the conf and the conf itself was amazing

Those are my feedbacks, I'm going to return the next year anyway :)

I have a lot of fun and I thank you all for the experience. For this reason, I think that you might find more useful to get comments about what I thought "it didn't work" instead of compliments of what did (that you already know it's about 80-90% so, great job! :D).

The conferences topics where very interesting and useful. It was a great idea to give us paper where we can write on, maybe a pencil too would be great (fortunately I had mine! :-)). The T-Shirts were very pretty, but there were no news on the website about it and I didn't read the whole email, since I thought it was sort of a repetition of what already said.

Suggestion: I think that would be a lot better next time to include the t-shirt in the conference tickets! In this way, nobody get sad about not having it and it's much more viral, if the people will use it!

About the quality of the talks, it was really high and it's not that easy. About Azure it might be enough the first talk and it would be great if we could decide whether to use libero cloud or azure for the contest. It was although a bit sad to see that one talk has evident english mistakes in the slide, even a whole sentence still in Italian. It gives me an impression of a luck of interest in an international conference. Maybe it would be good to get every presentation one or two days before to check the level and the quality of what is going to be presented.

About the hackathon, it was fun, althought 24h aren't enough to create a whole new application, in most of the cases. To see something working you need at least 48h, although it is harder to organize, I know. We have also to say that everything was free, so it is a big pro!

For the evaluations, it might be interesting to use the system proposed for the 48rails contest, where we were judged according to some parameters of our git repository. So we are induced to work good and the judgment was neutral and objective. This however is not a critic about who won the prizes, since we all voted, it's only because that system was really a drug and fun to play with :)

So, great job and continue with all your great ideas! See ya again next year :)

Anonymous at 10:06 on 12 Nov 2012

A little bit too much AZURE

Really interesting! If you repeat I'll be there again next year..

Anonymous at 09:26 on 12 Nov 2012

Interesting speeches.Excellent talkers and good organization. Just a pair of speeches a little bit less professional. Anyhow, good general impression at all.