Talk comments

Suby showed me a beatiful world without passwords!

Olivier made a very clear presentation of many concepts... too many concepts!

I think the explanation of "SOLID principles" and "Clean Architecture" take too much time ... these should be well-known topics and probably is not necessary to explain them.

The most interesting and original parts are "Observability", "Benchmark" and "Best Practices", but little time has been dedicated to this parts :-(

funny presentation with a live demo and a particular point of view about test strategies

nice story... great as a keynote talk or first talk of the day

Rino at 08:43 on 4 Oct 2019

Marco Da Re at 19:33 on 3 Oct 2019

Pro and cons about open source projects explained very well

Filipe Kiss at 16:43 on 3 Oct 2019

Great insights on how maintaining an open-source project is not as simple as making a public repository in GitHub.

Filipe Kiss at 16:36 on 3 Oct 2019

Great overview of how test paradigms have evolved in the past years and how they are changing and what to expect from the future.

Marco Da Re at 14:33 on 3 Oct 2019

A good introduction to understand how to test. Only missing an example of real app